Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun crafty stuff by Mom

Sometimes spring brings out the crafty in me.


Crescent Moon said...

Those are so bright and cheerful looking! Nice job!

Amber said...

Hi Val!

This is gorgeous :) Did you get my email about your Easter handmade crafts idea? I replied to your comment via email but hadn't done that before so not sure if you received it.

We will be dying eggs & making chocolates for Easter & maybe more if I find more time! What are you thinking?

Val in the Rose Garden said...


So far I am making Logan a fishing game out of felt with magnets on the ends of the fish and a fishing line with magnets, and then Cyan is getting 4 Root Children (I am making them from wooden doll forms I have had in a craft box for years) with a small twig house.

Your making chocolates? How are you doing that? I know that Sadie (from Boy's Life) is making some too and I haven't done that for Easter before. I only do chocolates for Christmas and I always do the same thing. lol... I'm boring.

I am still looking for something for Alex. Don wants to get him Lazer Tag, but that doesn't really go along with our "very little money, handmade gift" theme does it? lol... I was thinking of making him a journal and giving him a disappearing ink pen or something, but am still in search of ideas for sure.

Happy Monday!


keri said...

Those are pretty!
Looks like spring!

Valerie said...

I love this... It's so beautiful and spring-like! Wow!!