Saturday, March 28, 2009

Logan's first art

Logan decided that he wanted to draw pictures yesterday at my friend Kristan's house. So I pulled out some paper and a pencil and was sitting at the kitchen table chatting while he was drawing. It took about 6 or 7 minutes for me to get back to him... and he started telling me this whole little tale about his picture. About how these bits were 'doodles' and this one was a 'hat' and this was a 'snake'. It was the CUTEST thing! But the craziest part was that each piece looks like what he was saying he made it to be. It certainly took me by surprise.

It reminded me of Alex when he was a toddler actually. Just before his third birthday he made me a picture. It was a bunch of circles with other circles inside of them to make faces and mouths. There were about 5 of these faces on his page... and when I asked him what they were, he said "these a bunch of guys". I wrote it down, just like that, and it is tucked in his baby book.

These are the moments I collect.

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